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I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14


Save $10 when you purchase the body system essential oils together in this bundle!
This body systems essential oils bundle was put together to start taking care of YOU methodically from head to toe-well sort of! You will focus on your INSIDE organs and body systems as you work your way through careing for yourself with this bundle.


Please see the methods of use on each individual page so you know how to use them. There is a LOT of info to help you get the most out of each oil, so take your time to click the links below to read about each oil!

Digestive Health



Liver Cleanse


Thyroid Health

When you order this system, I would start by detoxing your LIVER with the Liver Cleanse first. Spending a about a week on each system and then circling back as needed.


Then move onto GUT health.  Take a great probiotic, (I recommend the Emerald Pure Grace and/or Florashield), and use the Digestive Health oil in your belly button in the morning, and on your vagus nerve behind the ears each evening. 


Next I would choose to reset the hormonal and emotional systems with the Endocrine, Thyroid Health, and Hypothalamus together. Alternating between the Endocrine and Thyroid Health oils topically as a perfume/cologne. The Thyroid on the thyroid and adrenal areas, and the Endocrine alternating on the wrists, neck, back of knees, and vagus nerve (behind the ears), back and forth four times (two each) throughout the day.  Then breathing/diffusing the Hypothalamus for at least 15-30 minutes in between.


Now it's time for the Pancreacare. Use it in a castor oil pack two to three times during the week, while watching unhealthy carbs and focusing on GOOD carbs like fruits and veggies.



Body Systems Essential Oils Bundle

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