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For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind, 2 Timothy 1:7



30ml Glass Bottle

Serving size 1/8 t (1 dropper full)

Servings per bottle-48

Each bottle comes with a scripture sticker suprise!

WHAT IS A GLORY TINCTURE? Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts made by soaking the bark, berries, leaves, petals (dried or fresh), or roots from one or more plants in alcohol or glycerin.* Herbal extracts are substances made by extracting a part of herbal raw material, usually by using a solvent such as water. The Emerald GLORY Tinctures are more than a tincture, and more than an extract! Our liquid herb Glory Tinctures taste remarkably like the 'fresh' harvested botanical itself. The 'Glory Tincture' process retains an herbs primary, secondary and tertiary compounds in their ratio/synergy-intactstate, indicated by the true-to-herb taste of our finished products.

The glycerin extracts all the perfect, YHWH created active ingredients from the plants, concentrating them as a beautiful, liquid herbal supplement to be taken by mouth.


The Emerald Children's Glory Tincture flavors have been unanimously approved by Ella and Zoey, my sweet, but choosy grandbabies!



  • Supports, Stimulates, and Activates the Child’s own Immune System
  • Is a Great Source of Antioxidants
  • Contains No Preservatives
  • Is free from Gluten,  Dairy, Synthetic Colors, Artificial Flavors, or Sweeteners
  • Contains only Organically Grown, Ethically Wild Harvested, and/or Selectively Cultivated Herbs
  • Is FDA cGMP compliant, Non-GMO, Kosher Certified, and Vegan Certified

*We only use vegetable GLYCERIN at Emerald. Our glycerin is derived from Non-GMO palm oil. Although the FDA classifies glycerin as a carbohydrate, there is a negligible amount and will have little to no effect on blood sugar levels.

All Better Children's IMMUNITY

  • Lemons are fiber-rich and contain citrus bioflavonoids, which affect your bowels by increasing peristalsis, prompting your body to get rid of toxins and waste, especially carcinogenic elements. Lemon peels also consist of components known as salvestrol Q40 and limonene, which are known to have antioxidant properties.