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DIY Anti-Cellulite Sea Salt Shower Bombs

It's the tail end of Winter in Chicagoland where Randy and I make our home and the weather is brutal on my skin. For best results with lotion you are supposed to apply it to wet skin, yet somehow I always forget. Lol. Well, not only do these DIY Sea Salt Show Bombs solve that issue, but they are SO MUCH better than mere lotion! Filled with moisturizing Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil, skin sealing/antibacterial Bees Wax, balancing/exfoliating/anti breakout Sea Salt, and the detoxing/tightening/toning Emerald Cellulite Smoothie Blend-these perfectly sized 1-2 time use shower bombs are made to scrub away dead surface skin to reveal and preserve the supple, glowing skin we all desire. And did I mention they smell like the beach? They totally do. Just whip up a batch each month to say smooth and soft year-round. Sidenote: Did you know that Shea Butter also has anti-tumor properties? It totally does. And did you know that you can EAT it? YES! It's full of MCTs, is anti-inflammatory, helps lower cholesterol, fight aging, and is packed with Vitamins A, E and F. Using it in place of butter or other fats is a great way to incorporate Shea Butter into your diet.


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