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Fortress Non-Toxic All Purpose Cleaner

Feel free to use the Fortress alone for this incredible all purpose cleaner, but if you like seasonal scents like I do, you can top your cleaner off with whatever you like! (You can even add a few drops of dish washing liquid for extra help in the bathroom1) For Springtime I added extra Lavender, Lemon, and Wild Orange, for Summer I will add a few drops of Cellulite Smoothie because it smells of the beach, for Fall I will mix a new batch with with some added Autumn, and for Winter I will top it off with the fresh greenery scent of my Winter blend! You can store this in a mason jar and pour just as much as you need into your spray bottle when you're ready to clean, or I found these Ombre Green glass bottles with storage caps and sprayers on Amazon! They are beautiful and you don't have to worry about the plastic from the sprayer leaching into your cleaner, just remove and rinse in and store your Fortress Cleaner capped. The bottles even shipped from a company called Amazing Grace, I love that.


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