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Pick a Team Already

Since yesterday I have seen many 'so-called Christians' rise up one after another to defend and even praise the game of Dungeons and Dragons (pure Occult), heard of another not only defending but publicizing and glorifying their pot smoking (witchcraft/pharmak-eia) and of others who received deliverance only to walk out and choose to pick up the very sin they just repented of minutes prior. (Which I have seen myself again and again.) Not to mention the trend of 'Christians' who are actually now denying the name of Jesus (even though that is the name that saved them) in order to get back to their Hebrew roots.

Jesus's said "Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes (or having come), will He find faith on earth?" (Parenthesis mine.) People are ASLEEP and I believe it is wilfull. It is easy to use satan as an excuse and say he has blinded people, but I believe scripture says WE CHOOSE. Quite possibly it is ignorance (I have been there) but then does the fault fall on the person or people who led them to salvation and every pastor they have heard since? Who is telling them what the bible really says about sin and teaching them to read it for themselves? Who will LOVE these people out of their ignorant and willful sin by telling them the whole TRUTH of the gospel? Look around-what you see is the great apostasy spoken of in scripture, (2 Thessalonians 2:1-3) and the revealing of the Antichrist is right around the corner. Who's team are you on? It's time to prove it.You do not want to be found batting-or even cheering for Satan's team when Jesus arrives for His bride. But if you are praising Him with half of you and choosing to sin with the other half, you have without a doubt- chosen satan's team. He doesn't care if you bounce back and forth between the two teams-in fact he prefers it. But Jesus on the other hand tells us we cannot serve two master.


We have a responsibility to actually follow through on the commitment we make at salvation. If we call Jesus Lord and ask Him to save us from sin then we must let go if it ourselves. He sees right through our mixed messages and lets us have the sin if we want it, we don't get both salvation and wilfull sin. It's an EITHER/OR thing. Either we leave sin behind and follow the Savior into sanctification, OR we stay behind with our sin as He moves forward.

It doesn't matter how much you love your sin, or how many other Christians are doing the same thing, or how much you think God loves you. If you choose sin over Jesus, you are outraging the Spirit of grace and the word says that you will meet God's vengeance. Why? Because by YOU glorifying satan with your lifestyle, you are causing others and their generations to also allow satan to wreak havoc. The potential of lives lost for all eternity because of YOUR acceptance and glorification of sin is innumerable.

So, do we serve an angry God? Yes. He is righteously angry with what the enemy has done to cause humanity to suffer and what the people calling themselves by Jesus's name are doing to partner with said enemy. REPENT! Turn away from your sin and follow Jesus. It is the only way of salvation. (Photo Source: Pinterest/BeautyByGabZ via

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