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Rewriting History with the Truth about the Crusades

If you are like me you have been told throughout your schooling and even in recent political speeches that the Crusades were Christian. And if you are like me you believed it because we somehow enter school with the understanding that the history books and the people teaching them are without err and have our best interest in mind. Then it becomes a part of our own personal history and the way we think and we enter adulthood never questioning. Such is the way of the Crusades, and more importantly- Catholicism. Would you agree that if we discovered that Catholicism is NOT Christianity but ANTICHRIST, so much of the history we thought we knew would be rewritten in our minds? Would you agree that if we stopped seeing Catholicism as being the other side of the Protestant coin and vise versa, and just looked at what true Christianity is as its own separate entity, so much of what we perceive as truth would change? In the Crusades, millions were murdered, raped and pillaged at the order of a Pope and the Catholic religion. This has nothing to do with the relationship with the Creator called Christianity. The blood hungry warriors were told by Pope Urban II that all who went to the Holy Land to kill anyone who was not 'Christian' would have all of their sins forgiven immediately. ALL of their sins. Which is why they raped, pillaged and sold children into slavery along the way. Because the Catholic church told them that not only was the killing of unbelievers of the Catholic faith NOT sin, but their 'get-out-of-hell-free card' for ALL sins was killing anyone who was not 'Christian'-meaning CATHOLIC. How dare they call themselves by the name of God of the bible! We look at Muslims doing this today and have no problem calling them what they are-pure evil and a false religion. But a pope orders it and we call the religion 'Christian?' How is this possible? We've been duped by design, that's how.

This was all part of the Antichrist agenda from the beginning. A pseudo Christian religion called the Catholic church set forth to brilliantly and intentionally deceive the world and defame CHRIST. It was intentional. The Catholic church was started by evil men inspired by Satan to hijack the true message of the Gospel. Just enough truth of scripture to make is seem like the real thing. Clearly, it worked. Satan is the father of LIES, the master deceiver and he has convinced the world that Catholicism is Christianity and therefore Christianity is responsible for the Crusades and so many other astrocities.

As long as we who know Jesus continue to blindly call Catholicism 'Christianity', we are aiding and abetting the Luciferian, end times, false Christ agenda and partaking in their plan to deceive humanity by offering a heretical gospel as one of truth. I believe we will have to answer for our role in this on Judgement Day.

The Catholic church used the cross to abuse, murder, and deceive and they still do to this day. Just look at the issue of Pedophilia that recently came to light. It barely scratches the surface of the satanism that really goes on at the Vatican, and in convents and churches all over the world.

Many Muslims and Jews fear and even hate Christians and Christ today because of the Crusades ordered by the Catholic Church. The cross is a symbol of death and war to them instead of sacrifice, love and eternal life with the Creator through our Savior Yeshua as it really is. THIS IS INTENTIONAL. This is SATAN posing as Christianity called Catholicism in order to deceive the world.

Please do not take my word for it. Do your own research and seek the Lord for the truth about the Catholic church, the Vatican and the Pope. And for the true love of JESUS and His gospel-STOP CALLING CATHOLICISM CHRISTIANITY when all evidence and doctrine shows that it is SATANIC and working to bring about the ANTICHRIST agenda. I know this is controversial. I know many of us have Catholic family and friends and we want to believe we are all the same, all a part of the same body of Christ. That belief is so much more comfortable. But comfort and truth often clash and we each have a responsibility to decide which we will choose. Which will you choose? If you love your family and friends then you will call them OUT of the darkness and into the Light of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. My prayer for you as you read this is that the Holy Spirit would remove any veils that the enemy has put over your eyes and mind so that you can start to see the matrix of lies that we live in and so that you may be kept blameless until the day of Christ's return. In Jesus, Amen.

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