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How to do a Castor Oil Pack Liver Detox

Regular liver detoxes with organic castor oil packs have been shown to increase circulation, balance hormones, reduce inflammation, fight insomnia, and promote detoxification, and even stop eczema flare ups.

People have used castor oil for thousands of years to help to reduce stress, improve the immune system, and stimulate the digestive system.

Liver Detoxing castor packs get a huge healing boost with the added benefit of the Emerald Liver Cleanse Essential Oil blend, which is designed to cleanse, strengthen, even heal the liver so it can perform its numerous functions in wholeness as Yahweh intended.

  • How To Make a Castor Oil Pack FOR ANOINTING with JESUS TO PROCESS EMOTIONS: Anoint your liver and pray and ask Holy Spirit if you have any trapped anger, when He answers, ask Him who you need to forgive, release them to the Father in forgiveness and pray for their blessing. (My free book Freedom Fighters can help walk you through forgiveness if you need help.)Then repent for holding any unforgivness and anger toward anyone, including YHWH, yourself, and others. Then command any spirits of anger out in the name of Jesus, and ask Him to cleanse and restore your cells and liver back to wholeness in His nam. Praise and worship for the work He has done!"Therefore my heart is glad and my liver (English Versions of the Bible, "glory") rejoiceth." Psalm 16:9

  • Cut a piece of wool or cotton flannel into a 10x10 piece.

  • Pour castor oil over the center of the cloth until soaked.

  • Add 3-5 drops of the Emerald Liver Cleanse.

  • Fold the soaked cloth into a layered square.

  • Place the soaked square over the liver and cover with a castor wrap, (or place it inside the pocket of the wrap.)

  • Leave it in place for 1.5 hours.

  • Remove pack and hand wash, and hang to dry. 

  • Wash your skin with baking soda to remove the toxins that remain on the surface of the skin.

  • Repeat 2-3 times in a 5-7 day period for the best detoxification.

  • Cover with a hot water bottle for extra detoxification. (DO NOT USE HEAT if an infection is present!)

Liver Detox Accessories

You can find the Castor Wrap, Wool Flannel, and Hot Water Bottle in my Amazon Storefront at this link! I will be paid a small commission from Amazon when you order, thanks in advance! <3


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