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DIY Non-Toxic, Cellulite Smoothing Body Butter

I keep this glorious healing organic Cellulite Smoothing Body Butter on my nightstand to use right out of the shower and again before bed to help flush toxins and break up excess fat cells that I am working hard to see go away before Spring and Summer! It’s the best I’ve ever used for moisture, actually helps heal deep with the cells, and pulls double duty as the most amazing foot cream!


The Cellulite Smoothie oil blend used in this recipe was designed to help your body with it’s natural detox processes, skin firming and smoothing. The oils in this blend address everything from toxin flushing, to collagen production, to reducing inflammation and breaking up fatty deposits, in order to help give you the smoother skin you desire. Use it in conjunction with healthy eating and good, spring water intake!

*Because of the citrus oils in this blend, it is sensitizing and should not be used before sun exposure.

The Organic Brilliance Blend  is a unique all in one carrier with Argan, Calendula, Jojoba, Rosehip Seed, and Sweet Almond oils, expressly chosen to promote radiance, and healing in all skin types, at every season of life. See both of the oils and the recipe below!

Use code SPRINGREADY to get $5 off when you buy both oils to make the body butter!

Order the Organic Mango Butter, Coconut Oil and pretty jar for your Body Butter in my Amazon Storefront here. (If you choose to order from my Amazon shop I will recieve a small commission! Thank you in advance!)

If you would like to see these DIY recipes as complete kits here on Emerald, leave a comment and let me know so I can consider adding them to the shop for one stop shopping!


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I live in the pursuit of biblical freedom and abundance in Yeshua and desire to teach others to do the same, in every way.  Natural medicine is biblical medicine so you will find answers to heal your body naturally & supernaturally within these pages. Also look for inspiration on entrepreneurship, spiritual warfare, beautiful food, family and so much more. Make yourself at home, friends!


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