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Emerald Oils LYMEWARRIOR blend was created to help your body fight and WIN the war against the borellia viruses that cause Lyme disease, and can also be used as a powerful tick repellant for the prevention of the virus.


If you have been suffering with this evil disease, I am so sorry! I pray in the mighty name of Jesus that healing would start to take place even as you read this! To give your body all the help it needs to win this battle I recommend

Using LymeWarrior topically and aromatically throughout your day

Eliminating all sugar and processed foods from your diet for a season

Healing your gut (please check out the Emerald Healthy Gut Protocol)

Boosting your immune system (please see the Emerald C Blessings, and the Immunity Essential Oils blend)

Taking the emerald Declaring War supplement 3x per day


Spiritually Speaking, I recommend going through inner healing and deliverance (See my free Freedom Fighters Download on the home page), breaking off spirits of death, and confusion, and repenting of any generational sins connected to the Vietnam War. If you need help with this, please reach out!


For the Lord your God is he who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory. Dueteronomy 20:4

Each of the oils in this blend have been proven in controlled lab testing to kill the borellia bacteria that cause Lyme disease. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics that only work if you catch the virus quickly, oils can penetrate and fight at a cellular level even if the problem has been present for a long time, all without destroying your gut and immune system like the pharma does! To say I am excited about this blend is an understatement! I cannot wait to hear what Jesus will do with this in the lives of those who have been crying out to Him for answers! If you need this and cannot afford it, please just send me a message and I will see what I can do to get you a bottle. ________________________


This blend comes undiluted in a 10ML glass bottle, OR in an 8ml Gold Roller ready to use in organic fractionated coconut oil.OILS

The following essential oils in LymeWarrior are listed in alphabetical order. The therapeutic uses that are listed for each essential oil are those that are relevant to the purpose of this particular blend.

Allspice: Actively kills borrelia viruses, arthritis, rheumatism, headaches, muscle stiffness, cramping, depression, bronchitis


Amirys: Actively kills borrelia viruses, stress, tension, depression, anxiety, apathy


Cinnamon Bark: Actively kills borrelia viruses, chronic fatigue, inflammation, depression, neurological dissorders, parasites


Cumin: Actively kills borrelia viruses, anxiety, stress, infection, toxic overload, parasites


Eucalyptus Citridora: Activiely kills borrelia virues, skin wounds, fever, asthma, muscle injuries, bug repellant


Ginger Lily: Actively kills borrelia viruses, nausea and vomiting, joint pain, depression, skin inflamationLitsea: Actively kills borrellia viruses, inflamation, digestion, fatigue


Myrrh: Actively kills borrelia viruses, oxidative damage, inflammation, muscle spasms, joint pain, digestion, parasites, bug repellant


Thyme: Actively kills borrelia viruses, insomnia, infection, parasites, skin wounds, anxiety, circulation, stress, hormonal balance, bug repellant


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  • Aromatherapy: The use of natural, aromatic substances, known as essential oils, have been proven to directly connect to the amygdala and the lymbic system in the brain where the seat of emotions is, as well as enter the blood stream just through smelling, offering mental, emotional and physical healing support. Our Creater YAHWEH is amazing in all His ways!  Dry Inhalation: Put 1-3 drops of essential oil on a tissue and inhale the aroma through your nose. Pause and inhale again. (Avoid touching your nose with the tissue.) OR, dilute with carrier oil and rub into your hands like lotion then cup your hands over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply through your nose, hold for 7 seconds, exhale and repeat. 

    Bath: Mix 5 to 15 drops of essential oil in 1 Tablespoon of carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil. Set aside. Fill a tub with warm water. Add the essential oil mixture, stir well and soak while breathing in the aroma.

    Bath Foot: Mix 1-3 drops of essential oil in 1/2 teaspoon of carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil. Set aside. Fill a tub (deep enough to cover your feet and ankles) with warm water. Add the essential oil mixture, stir well, and immerse your feet for 10-15 minutes. Breathe in the aroma and massage your feet.

    Compress: Fill a basin with water. (Warm water relaxes and increases circulation. Cool water invigorates and relieves inflammation.) Add 3-5 drops of essential oil and briskly stir. Lay in a washcloth, wring, and apply to the area in need for approximately 1-5 minutes. Dip, wring, and apply 3 more times.

    Spot use: Mix 6-30 Drops in 1ounce of carrier oil and apply 1-3 drops to the bottoms of feet, wrists, belly button, and/or base of neck where the brain meets the spinal cord.

    Massage: Mix 6-30 drops of essential oil in 1 ounce of carrier oil or fragrance-free, natural lotion. Gently massage the thyroid area as well as the adrenals which rest on top of the kidneys.

    The Methods of Use are general guidelines. Individual sensitivities, desired results, and the characteristics of the essential oil(s) used must all be considered. Adjust methods and proportions accordingly.

    For external use only. Always dilute before use. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eyes and other sensitive areas. Keep away from direct flame – essential oils are flammable. If pregnant or nursing, consult a physician before using essential oils. 

    (This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. No information provided is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)