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The Incredible Biblical Spiritual Warfare Model You May Have Missed

First posted on my Emerald Ministries blog on July 7th, 2015
Game Changing Revelation

We hear people say all the time that 'the battle is the Lord's' as if we just need to sit back, pray and wait for God to show up and solve everything. Health battles, marital battles, prodigal battles, financial battles...The battle may be the Lord's but according to the story of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20 where this scripture comes from, there are eleven things we must take with us into the battle to meet the Lord.

I believe He gave me this game changing revelation earlier today to teach me that we can have victory in every battle we face, but you must get this-we have a part to play before, during and after the battle! Quoting 'The battle is the Lord's' then doing nothing in hopes of His salvation is a sure way to LOSE every battle! Stick with me, this is HUGE.

The chapter starts out with Jehoshaphat receiving word that "a great multitude is coming against you..." Our multitudes may not look like his multitudes, but the true enemy is the same. Now is a great time to grab your bible and read the chapter. No seriously, read the chapter, it's amazing. Then come back and prepare to be strengthened for battle, forever.

Your Victory Awaits
1. Humility-
In vs 3-4 we read that Jehoshaphat was afraid and set his face to seek help from the Lord. When warfare comes upon us our first reaction should always be to get on our face before the Lord.

2. Backup-

Vs 3 also states that he did not go it alone, he proclaimed a fast throughout all of Judah and all of Judah assembled from all the cities to seek the Lord. When you are facing a battle, get backup! Call people who know how to fast for the purpose of warfare to seek the Lord with you, do not try to face the battle alone.

Later in verse 14 we read that the Spirit of the Lord came upon Jahaziel as the whole assembly stood before the Lord, and he said, "Thus says the Lord to you..." The people you call upon should know how to hear God's voice and have an evidentiary supernatural relationship with the Holy Spirit. Getting people to ask the Lord to help you in prayer is just not enough, they need to know how to listen.

3. Fasting

Yep. You saw this coming. Fasting is key. If you aren't willing to fast before the Lord, then you will probably be heading into battle ill equipped. The sacrifice of fasting is more than worth it. When you reach victory you will never miss the food you gave up in the beginning. Not to mention fasting is just awesome in so many ways. I will write about that in another post, for now-put that cuppa coffee you are enjoying while reading this down and enter into a few days of FASTING. Drink some juice to keep your sugar levels up and leave yourself time for some extra rest. And don't forget to have your backup. You can pray with them and hold each other accountable to the fast as you go.

4. History & Promises from God's Word

Starting in vs 6-9 we see Jehoshaphat reminding God of who He is and all that He has said and done for His people. We must speak, out loud of God's character, all that He has done in our lives to redeem and deliver us, and all of His promises throughout scripture regarding our particular battle. He doesn't need the reminding, we do, and we need to show Him we remember and believe He is still the same today as He was yesterday and will be forever. Speaking what the Lord has done out loud is also a weapon of warfare shot directly at satan. It's a proclamation that says, "My God is bigger than anything you can bring."

5. Strategy

In vs 15-16 we read the famous "the battle belongs to the Lord." Followed by, "Tomorrow go down against them. Behold they will come up by the ascent of Ziz. You will find them at the end of the valley, east of the wilderness... You will not need to fight in this battle, stand firm, hold your position and see the salvation of the Lord on your behalf." This was God's battle plan. He had told Jahaziel exactly what the strategy was so that he could relay it to Jehoshaphat and all the people. They were not going into battle guessing and hoping God might do something, they were going with instructions right from His mouth. They knew exactly WHEN, WHERE and HOW. Imagine the tragedy that may have occurred if they just went running into battle with swords drawn, hoping that God would show up and help them win just because He is good. That is the way so many of us do battle and unfortunately, there are so many casualties with that kind of warfare because it is not scriptural. We MUST seek the Lord for His strategy before we ever step foot on the battlefield against our spiritual enemy. This is true whether we are facing an army, or cancer, divorce, depression, job loss, whatever! Quit praying for God's help and then fighting the battle on your own hoping he'll show up mid-war. Ask for His strategy and wait until He gives it before deciding on how to counter attack, your victory depends on it.

6. Worship

In vs 18 we see that Jehoshaphat and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem fell down before the Lord in worship. Once you have heard from the Lord on how to win your battle, worship Him! Not only because the victory is now yours, but because GOD IS SO WORTHY, He is so loving and He is so faithful! The Creator of the Universe just showed up to personally give you a battle plan for victory, on your face solider! It is time to worship your King.

7. Faith

In vs 20 we see Jehoshaphat give the biggest, best pep talk ever given, "Hear me, Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem! Believe in the Lord your God and you will be established; believe his prophets and you will succeed." This was a call to faith and you must do the same. Stand on what God has told you to do and believe Him for the victory. Declare it out loud to everyone you have assembled to back you up and stand together in faith believing for your success.

8. Praise

I get so excited when I read through vs 21-22. Jehoshaphat appointed people who were to sing to the Lord in holy attire as they went before the army! Do you see how incredible this is? He was so sure of the victory, that instead of dressing the people for battle, he dressed them for SONGS OF PRAISE. It was already done in his eyes. God said they wouldn't have to battle and that was the end of the story. They put on their Sunday best and went to face the army with songs of praise to the God who just answered their call. We see in vs 22 that when they began to sing and praise, the Lord set an ambush against those who had come against Judah. The opposing army ended up killing each other off while God's people stood and sang songs of praise. INCREDIBLE. Once you have your battle plan and fall on your face in worship, rise up! Call all your friends to praise the Lord! Sing songs of praise to Him every chance you get and to everyone who will listen. Face your enemy head on in whatever way God has told you to, and praise Him, praise Him, praise Him no matter the multitude that you see coming up. It is your praises that will in one way or another administer the death blows! Praising God before the victory is before your eyes is the outward evidence of your faith so praise away! Make a loud & joyful noise to the Lord and dance & sing right in front of your enemy. Go ahead, make a show of it, He is worthy.

9. Courage

In vs 20 we see that they rose early in the morning and went out to the wilderness where the battle was to take place. Does faith take courage? YES IT DOES. They still had to go and face the army. They had to look their enemies in the face and wait on the Lord to do His thing as promised. Just picture a huge army of soldiers on horseback coming out of the wilderness with weapons drawn in one accord, rushing... Right. At. YOU. You believe with all your heart in perfect faith that the Lord will show up, but you will need courage to believe that you heard Him right, and to proceed according to plan when everything in the natural says, "Run." Keep praising & believing. You can do this.

10. Expectancy of Blessing

In vs 25 we get another glimpse of God's awesomeness as if the victory was not enough, we see that for three days God's people collected goods, clothing and precious things from the now slain opposing army. My smile is just HUGE as I read this! There was so much spoil they couldn't carry it all! EXPECT BLESSING after your battle! It was not for nought! When the enemy comes against you, God will bless you not only WITH the victory when you seek Him, but IN the victory as well. You will walk away with so much more than you had before the battle. God is just that awesome. Expect it, look for it, and collect it!

11. Gratitude

In vs 26 we read that they assembled and they blessed the Lord. We see they worshiped Him in vs 18, they praised Him in 21-22, and now, THEY BLESSED HIM. This is something else entirely. The Hebrew definition for this word for blessed, 'barak', is to kneel, to 'abundantly' and 'actually' bless. If I think of abundantly blessing someone, I think of giving them something, of course! This isn't lip service, this is the apex of gratitude. Kneeling before Him, offering all of us in thanks for what He has done. Gifts, service, surrender, everything you can offer in love to Him, now is the time. For HE IS OUR BANNER OF VICTORY that we will wave forever. We will tell the stories for generations of how THE BATTLE IS THE LORD'S, but this time right now after we win, this time is for the Lord, we must be on our knees.

The Step by Step Breakdown

1. Seek the Lord in prayer with humility the very second you become aware of the battle.

2. Call for backup from Spirit filled believers.

3. Fast together with your backup.

4. Remember and speak out loud all the Lord has done for you and His many promises in scripture regarding your battle

5. Continue in fasting until He gives you a very specific strategy-This could be anything from 'grab your sling shot', to 'march around that building and blow trumpets' and anything in between. God is creative, do whatever He says no matter how crazy it sounds to you or others.

6. Worship on your face for His faithfulness in answering.

7. Speak and encourage yourself and your team in faith.

8. Praise, praise, PRAISE HIM.

9. Face your battle with courage no matter what, do not give into fear.

10. Expect blessings on top of the victory.

11. Gratitude cannot be overstated, give Him all you've got.


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