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The Glorious Gift of the Oak Tree


Another one of Yahweh's abundant gifts of medicine to us is the OAK TREE!!!

Gather and wash 5 leaves and bring to a boil in 2 cups of water. Simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes, strain, add some honey and cinnamon to taste and drink to

Help reduce cholesterol

Fight cancer Heal ulcers Reduce fever Fight bacterial and viral infections and


Use leaves topically to help stop bleeding, reduce local inflammation, cleanse, and heal minor wounds.

Use the inner bark of the oak tree as a tea to treat diarrhea, and sore throat, or in baths for a soothing anagesic effect.

***Limit use to a few days at a time. Excessive use could cause kidney damage.

And somebody please PRAISE YESHUA with me for His goodness! He truly has given us everything we need to heal and prosper! As He promised.


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I live in the pursuit of biblical freedom and abundance in Yeshua and desire to teach others to do the same, in every way.  Natural medicine is biblical medicine so you will find answers to heal your body naturally & supernaturally within these pages. Also look for inspiration on entrepreneurship, spiritual warfare, beautiful food, family and so much more. Make yourself at home, friends!


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