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The Blessing of Shemen HaMishchah: How to Use the Emerald Anointing Oils

Already blended Biblical Anointing Oils are new to Emerald as of September 2021 and I am so overjoyed with the way they turned out!

There's something deep and mysterious in the idea of anointing oils and what the Creator intended with their use. I feel I'm just scratching the surface of the miracles and blessings involved and it is already magnificent! Journey with me into His word to discover some of the secrets of the Shemen HaMishchah!

Our Heavenly Father is AMAZING and His gifts are unending, embrace and enjoy them in Yeshua!

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Deborah Fuller
Deborah Fuller
28. Mai 2022

I wish I could try that! My husband and I have always used extra virgin olive oil for anointing but I sure would like to try this one.

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