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Should Christians Wear Tzitzit? By Almond House Fellowship

Should Christians wear tzitzit?

I found this ministry and awesome video teaching though my new friend Jenn @offgridhyggehomestead on instagram and it was such a blessing to me that I knew I had to share! I am also looking forward to seeing what else this ministry has to say in the days to come.


I have worn tzitzits on and off throughout the years but never consistently, now I cannot wait

Should Christians wear tzitzit

to start again and make the commitment to daily wear. I had already decided to add tzitzit making to the Family Sukkot Gathering that Randy and I are hosting so I know this is not coincidence that this dropped into my lap now. Praise Adonai!

I hope you enjoy and glean from it as much as I did. Let me know if you decide to make Tzitzits! Almond House Fellowship offers a free pdf download with instructions! Just use the code TASSELS during checkout.

May YHWH bless you and yours in Messiah Jesus!



If you would like information about our Sukkot Family Camping event, just send me a quick message! There are RV sites, a few cabins, and tent sites (although October in Chicago can be COLD!) We will be offering some Hebrew word mysteries/caligraphy, hiking, gem mining with 12 tribes teaching for the kids, pot luck meals, hiking, worship, bible reading, prayer, bonfires, a giant trampoline and more.

Sukkot Family Camping Event with Emerald Glory


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