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Mini Bundt Sleepy Bath Bombs Recipe

My granddaughters absolutely LOVE bath bombs, unfortunately, most found in stores are expensive, and TOXIC! All of the toxins go right into their blood streams in the bathwater so I refuse to buy them. Making them from scratch has been on my list for a long time and I finally jumped in to make a batch with calming, healing and immune boosting properties before their visit this week. They LOVED them!

I foraged wild violets and dandelions from my yard, then let the, dry out a bit in my dehydrator, but adding them is optional! Next time I will let the girls make them themselves, (they're so easy) and will add pretty plant powder colors like strawberry, pea flower, spirulaina, or beet powder to make them brightly colored, and maybe some mica for sparkle! I used this silicone pan to make the beautiful little bundt cake shapes! The recipe is below, but first let's talk about what makes them SO AMAZING! (The bath bombs, not my granddaughters-but they are INCREDIBLE too. Lol) Make sure you choose the purest ingredients and essential oils since they will all be directly absorbed into the body!

BAKING SODA-also known as sodium bicarbonate, makes an incredible bath soak! It is detoxing, and can help relieve itching and pain caused by



yeast infections and other fungal infections

diaper rash

urinary tract infections (UTIs)

hemorrhoids, and other skin abrasions.

CORN STARCH-Is soothing, moisturizing, and calming for all kinds of skin conditions. It also removes redness and brightens!

EPSOM SALT-Epsom salt has a similar chemical compound but not the same as sea salt or table salt. Originally found in a natural spring in Epsom, England, but now produced from dolomite found in other places such as the South Tyrolene Alps, epsom salt is a magnesium rich bath salt that is amaing for so many things, such as

arthritis pain and swelling


bruises and sprains

fibromyalgia pain

ingrown toenails, and other wounds




sore muscles after working out


sunburn pain and redness

tired, swollen feet and more.

CITRIC ACID- when PURE and not synthetic, is an amazing exfoliator that can help with blemishes, scaring, and age spots. ESSENTIAL OILS- Diluting essential oils into a carrier, then adding to your bath is a powerful, and lovely way to glean their many healing benefits for children and adults alike! For these batch bombs I chose to use the Emerald WHOLE CHILD blend to calm and boost the immunity of my granddaughters. For adults the Emerald SHALOM blend would be divine! If you or your children struggle with falling asleep or sleepign the whole night through, just drop one in your warm bath and soak for 15-30 minutes, then go right to bed. (Do not pick up your phone on the way to bed or your brain may think it's wake up time again!) If you need a boost in the morning instead, the Emerald Magnolia, Summer, Endocrine, or Estrogen Balance would all be wonderful!



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