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Urgent Word for Tel Aviv

I started to fall asleep on my flight home from Florida on Feburary 26th. At about the 3:00 hour I had a fleeting dream and purposely woke myself up to ask the Lord what I was seeing. THIS word came like a flood... hours later as I sit on the train home from Chicago I was doing some googling about Tel Aviv as I know almost nothing. After reading the word, take the link at the bottom to see what I found about the culture in Tel Aviv today hours after the Lord spoke to me. I have made the words that I believe the Lord was speaking bold so you can see where my own thoughts end. *First published on February 26, 2018 on Facebook.

I asked Jesus to come pray with me as I drifted to sleep-to take me on an intercession adventure and use me.... I see the tops of buildings with points and hear 'Tel Aviv.' I see a smiling innocent boy in a blue shirt drawing with chalk and I see a green Chinese style dragon who's fire burns away the knowledge and understanding of God's law.

This fire is the COUNTERFEIT flame to My fire that purifies. Where My fire refines and shines, this false flame of passion soils and destroys.

(I think a bombing or shooting will happen here but I am called to intercede for this little boy. To intercede with repentance to strip the devil of success of this plan to destroy life in this tragedy.)

There is hedonism more debase than the likes of Sodom and Gomorrah. A celebration of sin and humanity. The worship of man and pleasure. The stripping of life's purpose and deafening of spirit so that they cannot perceive any longer. Generations lost in a frenzy of grasping for the moment in denial of eternity.

Pray! Pray! PRAY, my people! Weep before me in heartbreak for the loss of my creation to the laughter of the enemy in Tel Aviv! Release angels of warfare to wipe clean the eyes of the blind through your repentance and wailing!

Who will weep with me? Who will go for me??? Who will wear the boots of the gospel of peace and carry the sword of my Spirit to face the decay of flesh at the hands of the destroyer in Tel Aviv? Who will speak truth and life and hate the works of the enemy with the soul and spirit slicing love of my Son, the Living Word? Are there none? Shall my bride turn her back and forget this city as if she is too far dead? Shall I forget? No. I will not forget. I will scan the land looking for the weepers and the goers. The mighty lovers of the lost and the warriors willing to stand at the gates of hell without fear as they watch me prevail to save those that are waiting to hear their words and the mighty name of Yeshua the Savior! For He alone can save these lost and raise the dead that have succumbed to the power of the spirits of lust and gluttony holding my city captive! Who will GO?????

To my servants stationed in Tel Aviv...although you have been faithful you are small. You have let hope slip away as you wear the ash cloud of those who's conscious's have been seared by the green dragon. I will send angels to wash and restore my glory on your faces! I will stir up the living water within you to once again restore your strength with joy! I will churn your belly once again with a passion for the lost that is unmatched among men! Repent! For the loss of hope has blanketed you in the will of the enemy! Repent! For you too hunger for the things of the world and the fleeting pleasures of this city! Repent and watch what I will do though you!

Take off your shoes for you stand on holy ground that is waiting to be revealed as the wind of my Spirit blows the ash dust from around your feet in every place you walk!

Wake awake o' sleeper and once again let the songs of worship rise to Me as you take joy in the battle for this city!

Yea-I AM COMING SOON! Will I find faith on the earth when I return? Will I find you sleeping under the ash of the dragon? Or will I find you faithful with a harvest of souls that you have gathered in my absence. For I will have my full reward! Who will answer the call to gather it from dark corners of Tel Aviv? Do you feel a nudging of the Holy Spirit as you read? I am taking a small team to Israel this September and would love for you to apply! Watch the video below and click HERE to learn more!

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