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Katy Perry-What is SRA & What is The Church Doing About it?

"I want to be my true self, Kathryn Hudson..." ~Katy Perry

In case you don't know, the Illuminati is one of the organizations that is working to carry out Satan's antichrist plan on the earth. They are thousands of years old and control governments, the media, and more. They are hiding in plain sight.

The robot from the SNL skit referred to in this video is real. They were used on children at a place called Montauk in New York as a means of satanic ritual abuse and most likely many other underground places throughout the world. They split people into multiple personalities by abusing them from the womb in order to control them to carry out Satan's plans on the earth. They also fill their victims with demons. So when you see Katy and others like her-behaving in overly sexual and bizarre ways, know they are infested with evil spirits against their will and PRAY FOR their RESCUE.

Katy Perry is a split from Kathryn Hudson but she probably has many more underlying identities. Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Rihanna, Beyoncé and so many more have shown evidence of illuminati control and Dissociative Identity Disorder as well.

We are in the LAST HOUR OF THE LAST DAYS and the hidden things are being revealed according to scripture.

Pray for Kathryn, that she would allow herself to be rescued by Jesus from satanism and the control of the Illuminati.

The Lord has been teaching me what I need to know to help minister to the broken survivors of SRA to set them free in Jesus. Emerald Ministries is also in the process of partnering with Dr. Rob Ruckert of Breakthrough Ministries to help more survivors, more efficiently. Rob is a survivor himself who has been transformed with the love of Christ and is what I consider an expert in the field. We are so excited to have him on our team as there are so many that need help and so few that know how to help them!

The kind of abuses involved in SRA are unimaginable. The stories are more heartbreaking than any other human suffering one can think of and yet the church has all but ignored it. I believe we will answer to the Lord one day about turning a blind eye to the hundreds of thousand victims of these horrific acts of Satan and his followers.

Emerald Ministries is dedicated to doing all we can to help. We, with Dr. Ruckerts help, will be putting together training for others who want to minister to those who have been destroyed by SRA, and are available for ongoing inner healing and deliverance ministry to survivors. #KathrynHudson #AmandaBynes we would love to help you!

If you want to help us help them, please PRAY for this ministry, consider giving financial support at , and please sign up for our newsletter so you can be the first to know when training starts!

We are currently most in need of financial support for ministry sessions for survivors. Pray and see what the Lord would have you do. And please, pray for Kathryn! God bless 💛

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