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Counterfeit Unity, Counterfeit Division

I've noticed an interesting dynamic happening in the world today. At the same time that everyone is crying out for 'unity', individuals are latching onto division in order to feel like they belong and have purpose. Kind of like a gang mentality.

As I sought the Lord for what all this was He reminded me of the simple spiritual law that will always be at work, Satan is a COUNTERFEITER. He's a copycat and will never be a creator. Therefore, if we notice something amiss that is trending, so to speak, then we should pause and take what we see to God to find what it is that satan is copying and trying to steal.

In this case, God is preparing His bride, He is UNITING those who love Him in Spirit in truth. This is something He does as we seek Him and seek to be like Him.

Satan's counterfeit to God unifying His bride is the idea of unity on the earth, humans coming together for world peace. Man/woman coming up with ways to come together for 'good' causes. One religion, open nations, one currency, no boundaries or barriers. UNTIY...False unity. Like most counterfeits by satan, this looks and sounds really great, but it is not biblical. This idea of earthly unity is not God's.

The other side of this coin is DIVISION. Division is God's idea. The light from the darkness, the wheat from the tares, the chaff from the wheat... good from evil. God separates. Jesus said He came NOT to create PEACE but He came with a sword. (Matt 10:34) A sword DIVIDES.

Satan's counterfeit to God's holy and righteous division, (which we are in a season of right NOW that will continue until Christ's return), is human causes division. White against black and visa versa, right against left, women against men, hetero against homo, us against them, this agenda against that agenda. It is all human against human. This group of people against that group of people.It is COUNTERFEIT. If satan can keep your attention on earthly agendas and loyalties, then he keeps you from noticing that God is separating those who serve Him from those who don't.

If he can keep you focused on fighting people about a pipeline, immigration, or racial issues, then he keeps you loyal to your gang and a willing participant of his counterfeit division.

If he can keep you fighting flesh and blood instead of the demonic powers and principalities at work on the earth (Ephesians 6) then he has you exactly where he wants you to be for when he shows up as the false savior to bring 'PEACE ON EARTH.'

All of this chaos? It's all a set up. The bible is very clear about what is coming and what God's people are to be doing until the very end, we are to be laboring for the Harvest and telling people that God's Kingdom has come by preaching, healing, casting out demons, cleansing the lepers, raising the dead, and discipling & baptizing the nations!

If you are marching and boycotting, you are wasting precious time and energy. If you are waiting for a man to bring peace and prosperity, you are already deceived! If you are focusing on earthly things- racial things, political things, climate things, etc. Your heart and eyes are in the wrong place, worried about the wrong things-temporary things.

Ask yourself, if Jesus comes back tomorrow-does what you are putting your efforts into today matter?

"Therefore, since you have been raised with Christ, strive for the things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things."Colossians 3:2

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