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Another Facet from the Election Dream

Those Darned Red Berries...

Yet another facet of the Red Berries dream. I received this email this morning from a friend. I do not know the person who wrote the email, she does not know my name and would not have visited my blog or read any of what I have deciphered from the Lord about the dream so far. AMAZING. This holds so much confirmation to what the Lord has already shown me, plus another deeper level of interpretation.

Any time she says 'your friend" she is referring to me.

If you have not heard the dream and the interpretations that have been being unveiled over the last month or so, just search 'Trump' in the sidebar and they should come up, remember to start with the earliest date first when reading.

The EMAIL: Ok, so I'm not sure whether or not your friend heard from God about why He didn't want her to vote, but I think it's because while He anointed Trump as the next president, He did not want your friend to align herself with him.

I think the dream is revealing the refining and purification of the church that the Lord will do during Trump's leadership. I believe the berries represent a toxic fruit that Trump is carrying--pride, hatred, anger, racism, etc.--and that many Christians are deceived into thinking that they are good for eating when in reality they are poisonous--that's why the people who ate them died.

During this time the Lord is causing his people to be shaken up in our perspective so that he can reposition us in accordance with His will.

I believe that the anointing of Trump as America's leader is similar to the anointing of Saul--God is giving America what they think they want, and through it He will show them where their hearts and values have actually strayed from His, and then as we repent He will bring us into a place of fullness for revival.

I feel like the reason the berries were the only thing in color is because the Lord is trying to say: THE FRUIT IS TOXIC. DON'T EAT IT! He is releasing discernment so that as many of his children as possible can come through this refined (instead of dead).

I believe God is revealing these things to her because she will have the opportunity to lead others in this process of self-examination and submitting to the Lord in this.

The house being old and worn down is because the church has neglected these areas for so long, the toxic fruit being planted in rows filling the yard is showing that this is stuff that has been sown generation after generation. It will be a lot of work and uncomfortable to uproot it, but so essential.****

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