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Coming to America-More End Times Dreams

Two end times dreams from the Holy Spirit in two days.

The first was a reminder to prepare for...well-the worst- for lack of a better term, in the days to come in America. It's past time to store up food, water etc. This is just one of many I've had on this subject, but it's been a very long time since I had one like this specifically. The theme was Marshal Law (all freedom removed, including ability to freely buy and sell, along with empty shelves) and regret for not preparing when I know that the Lord has been telling me to for years. I know what others negatively say about 'dooms day prophets'... But my heart and mind are consecrated to the Lord Jesus even when I sleep, and this is what He is showing me, I will share even if I am not popular for doing so.

Dream number two was a strong message that the Father in Heaven wants us sharing the gospel (duh), but, while I was leading some people who raised their hands to show they wanted to accept Jesus as Savior in the 'ask Him into your heart prayer'- I was abruptly cut off and they moved on-they did not get saved even though they were willing. I lost my opportunity to share and it was a symbolic 'counterfeit earthly father' (the enemy) that stopped it. It was over. Mid-prayer, time was up.

The message of this dream is threefold.

A. Time is almost up and it will be so when we least expect it.

B. Sharing the Gospel is not an option, it is a mandate and one day we will answer to the Father for how we did or did not tell people about Jesus.

C. There are people who are literally waiting to hear about Jesus and say the prayer, we do not have to convince them that they need or want him, they already do-they just need someone to simply tell them who it is they've been longing for and they will raise their hand in agreement!

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