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The End in America

First posted on September 10th, 2014 on Everything in Italics was added today as updates! This post is long overdue. At the end of last year (2013) during a 6 month coffee fast the Lord gave me a series of dreams regarding what's to come in America. I wrote about the first, then held back on the others as I just wasn't sure how much to put out there publicly. Well, He is once again speaking to me about what is to come, and as I look around, I see most people thinking it's life as usual and I feel more than ever the passionate desire to know God and to make Him known. That includes sharing what He continues to show me.

Since the dreams are being moved over from to here, I decided to post them all together in one post. Take everything you read here or elsewhere before the Lord. Test every spirit and God bless you as you seek to know him better. At this point, I am not sure if through the repentance of His people the plans have changed for America since theme dreams or not. Some of this speaks to the tribulation period and I do not believe that will change.


As you read, and the dreams get more intense, just remember that the fact that God is speaking to His people in this way is evidence of His amazing LOVE, GRACE and omnipotence, and that He will take care of us no matter what. Here is the first...

MARTIAL LAW-Martial Law was ordered throughout our land, and I was not allowed to leave my neighborhood per the uniformed soldiers standing guard, weapons drawn at each exit. I was not alarmed, but I had left my phone somewhere and therefore wasn't able to contact my daughters and was overwhelmed with sadness and worry for them-which was the overarching theme of my dream. Just as I was promising one of the soldiers that I would come right back if he would just let me get my phone, a man I had never seen before entered the scene and handed me my phone explaining that he knew I had forgotten it. I hugged and thanked him profusely, relieved that all would be fine now that I could call my girls.

...I then awoke with a sigh of relief as I reached for and found my phone just inches from my pillow.


MILITARY TANKS-The second dream in the series has become vague since I waited so long to blog about it, it's in one of my many journals but I can't seem to remember which-oops! All I remember was military tanks in the streets and soldiers dressed in all black. I believe that this dream was telling of what is to come to America in the very near future, this one goes hand in hand with my first dream.

THE PALE HORSE-The next dream I was in a skyscraper in a big city with my daughter and as we looked out the window we saw that people were screaming and running. I 'knew' it was the beginning of the end and was trying to get my daughter to understand what was happening. As I looked again, I saw the Red Horse and the Pale Horse from Revelation 6 being unleashed into the city from the clouds. There was an elevator at the end of the hall and I was rushing my daughter toward it and explaining that we needed to go UP. I believe that this dream was telling of what is to come to America in the very near future, death by sword and death by plagues. The only escape is to look UP to Jesus.

OBAMA'S CAMP-The next dream, I was in a 'camp' for Christians. A smiling & charming Obama was there and all the Christians had the impression that he had provided these camps for safety & protection so that he could take care of them. In the dream, I 'knew' that behind the smile was pure evil and that the camps were much like the concentration camps of the Holocaust. He was intentionally misleading the people and had the evilest intentions. My goal was to wait until night and try to convince as many as I could to come with me as I escaped. I 'knew' that I would be leaving at dusk. A lot of times in dreams I have information that isn't necessarily spelled out, I just 'know'. Everywhere you see the word 'knew' in quotes like this, it's one of those times. Before I had this dream, I was not an Obama fan, but was still on the fence about whether or not he was intentionally evil or just kind of clueless. After, I had no doubt and as time has gone on since, I am further convinced by what I see him doing and not doing, that the Obama in my dream is the real Obama. I believe this dream was both prophetic in the 'what's to come' category, and symbolic for what has already happened. Obama has convinced many into believing that he and his plans are good, his biggest deception was toward Christians when he claimed to be one. But by his fruits we have seen otherwise. I believe physical persecution is coming to Christians in America very soon and that we cannot trust our government to protect us. In fact, our government may be the persecutors. The fact that I was leaving and taking others with me at nightfall speaks of Christ's return and of my desire to teach others how to hear and know Him better. Two years after this dream I met a woman who was a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse. I know that victims are programmed for end times assignments (thin Borne Identity) so I asked her if she knew hers. Her answer shocked me. She said, "Yes, I was supposed to play the part of a good Christian that convinced other Christians to come into the camps for safety."

There was a fifth dream that I no longer remember. Then no more from December until about a month or so ago.

GOAT NATION-At that moment between sleeping and waking I saw a flash of a man in a suit standing on the steps of the Capital Building. He had a goat's head instead of a man's head and he was wearing a gas mask. There is SO much symbolism here. The goat's head is symbolic of satan. So, satan standing on the steps of our nations capital wearing a suit points directly to politics, and matches the Obama dream that those in charge of our government are evil. (Not EVERY individual, but as a whole.) Also, another trusted sister in Christ who moves in the prophetic immediately saw this in light of Matthew 25:31-46 where Jesus comes to judge the nations as separating the sheep (his followers) from the goats (the evil). She believes that this was confirmation that America is no longer a sheep nation, and therefore, no longer under God's right hand of favor. (My words.) I believe this is directly related to the current administration's withdrawal of support of the nation of Israel.

MILITARY AIRLINES-The very next morning in that same waking/sleeping moment, I saw a stack of newspapers. They were flipping one by one as if to show the headlines although I saw none until the very last paper. It read 'Your airline will be military by February", and there was a picture of a passenger jet. WOW. I believe this will happen and goes right along with all the other military takeover dreams from last year. The airlines will be government controlled by February. That is a BOLD statement I know, but I believe that there will be events in the very near future that lead right up to this. It will begin to make sense in the coming days.


This all sounds like pretty scary stuff! Most people do not want to think or talk about it, I totally get it. But not looking at the signs of the times is not going to make it stop. The best possible way to handle this, or any other threat to our nation, or to us as individuals, is to look to Jesus. His promises are true. His love, grace and mercy are enough to get us through. If you want to know how to know Him please feel free to message me on the Contact page in the link above so we can talk.

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