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Take the Pumpkin Spice Latte Challenge!

It's that time again! When half of us lose our good sense, throw our weight watching to the wind and start drinking 400 calorie drinks all the way through Christmas as if calories no longer count because they come with warm fuzzies! Ugh! Let's do something different this year, okay? A BETTER WAY

Yes I have a better way! A Pumpkin Spice Latte that actually burns fat and increases your brain function. No seriously! I have a friend who lost over 100lbs drinking this, and another who just lost 24lbs in 6 weeks!* Want to lose 10lbs FAST? Just swap out your breakfast for this meal replacement latte. Eating lower carb (less that 50g a day) will get you the absolute best and fastest results as you drink this daily!

HOW TO MAKE IT! You will need THIS Coffee and a wand blender. That's it! Blend a single cup of this real, instant coffee into 8oz of hot water (or use your Keurig) then add sugar free whipped cream with extra spice on top if you wish! Voila! Fall in a cup. Want to know how it works, why it works and all the good stuff this coffee has in it? Click HERE!

*My friends who lost the weight were drinking our regular flavor Keto Coffee with our Chocolate Greens to make a MOCHA which is also just- YUM!


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