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Cinnamon Bears for Joint Pain, Sore Throat, and more

Cinamon Bears

About ten years ago I started getting hives every time I ate. I prayed and asked the Lord to reveal what was happening and within a few days had the culprit narrowed down to EGG WHITES. This was a big problem because I loved eggs! It was then that I realized that I may have not taken as good a care of my gut as I should have and it was time to start taking precautions to protect it. I reached for grass fed beef gelatin, took it daily for a week, then prayed in faith in the name of Jesus and ate a huge serving of egg casserole without issue, and I haven't had a issue since.

Grass Fed Gelatin

Then about five years ago I started having hip pain in both hips upon waking up every morning (it's common to start to experience hip and joint pain starting during menopause), so guess what I reached for? If you said grass-fed beef gelatin you are RIGHT. The hip pain went away within a few days and didn't come back for years! That's amazing! I have worked gelatin into my health routine on and off for years and am fully convinced that it is one of the incredible natural gifts from YHWH keeps me healthy and completely pain free, even at 53. BEEF GELATIN BENEFITS

Beef Gelatin helps

-heal leaky gut (the cause of many food sensitivities) and other gut issues

-increase moisture and elasticity in skin and hair

-heal joints, relieve joint pain, and increase collagen production

It's important to me that the gelatin I use is Kosher, this way I know the cows are being handled the way the Lord intends. I LOVE the Great Lakes brand because it's affordable, flavorless, Kosher, and so convenient! I have recently become an Amazon Influencer and I love it so much that this is one of the first things I added to my influencer shop. If you decide to order, I will be paid a small commission so my family and I THANK YOU in advance! Just click the photo above to order.

In my quest for an easy daily way to incorporate more gelatin into my diet I dediced to make these sweet little cinamon bears. They take just 20 minutes start to finish and the Emerald Cinnamon Leaf essential oil and honey also make them wonderful for a sore throat! You or your child can dissolve a few in your mouth to coat your throat and start the healing process with the anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory cinnamon leaf. Enjoy!

P.S. You can grab the gummy bear mold here!

Cinnamon Honey Bears for Joint Pain, Sore Throat, and more


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