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Latin name: Cananga odorata
Country of origin: Indonesia
Part of the plant: Flowers
Obtained by: Steam distilled
Main biochemical components*: Benzyl acetate, linalol, farnesol
Properties: Antiseptic, bactericidal, deodorant, insecticide.


Why Use


Physical uses: Rapid breathing, tense breathing, general tension.


Skin care uses: Imbalanced oil production, dry skin, oily skin, mature skin, inflammation, itching, scalp tonic, skin tonic.


Psychological uses: Stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, nervous tension, mild depression, anger, shock, emotional coolness, low libido.


Notes: Use Ylang Ylang, Extra in a 1-5% dilution. May be sensitizing.


*Chemical components: Chemical component percentages may vary. Emerald Oils offers a Certificate of Analysis for review.


Ylang Ylang  is pronounced like “e-lang e-lang.” The name is derived from the Tagalog word “ilang,” which means wilderness. I LOVE that! It has sweet notes like banana, custard and honey, along with floral and citrus notes such as Jasmine and Neroli. I hope you love this one of a kind oil.


What does "Extra" mean? (Only the best at Emerald!)


  • Extra. Ylang ylang extra is the first extract to come from the distillation process and is harvested after one hour. It’s the richest and most potent version of this essential oil. It’s usually what’s added to high-end perfumes and candles use