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Jenny Lynn Parts 1-2: The Feast Days of Messiah; Why, When, How, and How They Prophesy the End Times

Messiah's Feast Days are so deep and we talked so long that I had to break this episode into 2 podcasts! I hope you enjoy them and that they spur you on to open the door to Messiah's knocking so He will come in and sup (feast) with you! The first part covers Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur, then second part goes deeper into the Christmas debate, Rome, Trump, Sukkot and more. ENJOY! LINKS: Find Jenny's website at



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I live in the pursuit of biblical freedom and abundance in Yeshua and desire to teach others to do the same, in every way.  Natural medicine is biblical medicine so you will find answers to heal your body naturally & supernaturally within these pages. Also look for inspiration on entrepreneurship, spiritual warfare, beautiful food, family and so much more. Make yourself at home, friends!


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