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Election Dream November 7, 2016

THE SHAKING OF THE HOUSE AND THE 7 TRUMPETS (Originaly posted at before the election of 2016)

I've been hashing things out with the Lord the last few days regarding Trump...I am not going to say my stance on voting but rather feel led to post some interesting puzzle pieces that Jesus has shown me over the last few days. Thanks to my pastors for putting up with all my texts and craziness as I wrestle with all of this!

On Saturday morning I asked the Lord to show me what the names mean- TRUMP and PENCE. I closed my eyes and said "Show me, Lord. If this is prophetic, show me so I understand." He replied "say it." So keeping my eyes closed I said it, over and over. Trump. Pence. Trump. Pence....TRUMPENCE.....After about three times what I was hearing was "TRUMPETS". I literally gasped at the revelation of what I was hearing. So I purposely said them both TRUMPENCE and TRUMPETS back and forth to differentiate-but they sounded exactly the same to my ears! Aaaand with that of course I dove into Revelation chapters 8-10, I suggest whoever reads this do the same.

Also, you may have seen that if Trump wins, on his first full day in office he will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old. Right now we are in the Hebrew year 5777 (the real year according to God's calendar). The number 5 is GRACE, the number 7 is completion. 5777=the completion of GRACE.

Revelation speaks of 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Vials regarding the end. (The completion of the age of grace?) It is beyond time to educate ourselves regarding end times events. Some great ministries for end times teaching are Discover Ministries with Steve Cioccolanti, Chuck Missler at Koinonia House, and Amir Tsarfati at Behold Israel.

Last night I had a dream...I am not sharing all of the details but only what I feel is important for this post. In the dream I was in a house of like-minded people and the house started to shift and shake as in an earthquake (this is my second earthquake dream in just over a month) I was not fearful at all but rather knew it needed to happen and was actually rather content with it. I awoke hearing "The house will shake...the house must shake." I asked the Holy Spirit to help me remember this dream come morning and I went back to sleep. I awoke this morning with the dream crystal clear in my memory. While still in bed I checked my phone and a friend had tagged me in a Lance Wallnau but they are usually very long and I never make it all the way through. This one I kept going all the way to the end. At 22:49 Lance speaks of the church and says "God is going to SHAKE UP THE HOUSE." How's that for confirmation! How AMAZING is our God!!!!! Praise Jesus He is always speaking!!!

So I post all of this to say-regardless of who wins the election in our nation today-WE ARE IN THE END TIMES. Regardless who wins-GOD IS DOING SOMETHING THROUGH TRUMP. Even if it is just a prophetic sign to those with eyes to see and ears to hear that we are entering the next phase of the end times season-God is doing something through TRUMP. (Honestly, to the chagrin of my brothers and sisters in Christ, I am still not sure if Trump will do good or evil in the sight of the Lord, but regardless-I see God's hand.) And God's house is about to be shaken (His church). My last dream about earthquakes spoke of our nation and the world being shaken but his was specifically about the church. Are you ready? Are you studying end times in the bible and asking God to show you where we are on His timeline? Do you have eyes to see? Is your life being poured out for the Kingdom as Jesus poured out His blood for YOU?

I have said before, the line is being drawn and the time to repent was YESTERDAY. DO NOT WAIT. Our Redemption draws near!

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