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Trump's Burden

I had a dream last night. Take it for what it is. And I want to preface the dream by saying that I have followed almost nothing of the presidential debate. The last thing I read or watched was the bad lip syncing version of the first republican debate a month ago because it's hilarious. Anyway, the dream was not inspired by me reading, talking about or watching anything. I have no personal favorites so far and know too little about any of the candidates to make any real decisions.

I lived in a very large, nice house. (never seen it in real life) I was getting ready to go to school (Don't go to school in real life) and I saw all the candidates from both parties walking through my back yard to come into a meeting in an upper room of my house that held only a big table.

As they started to gather around the table, I came in and apologized that I was not prepared for them. I said, 'I'm sorry! Had I known you were coming I would've taken off school to make you lunch or scones or something."

I then walked out and found Donald Trump alone in another room. If he were a Christian, this would've been like his prayer time. He was preparing alone for what would come in the meeting. I walked in and he started sharing about the pressure of this position and the burden to get things right. Not complaining, just sharing his heart. The mood was vulnerable and heavy. I said, "Mr. Trump, would it be okay if I shared something with you?" I was going to tell him my personal testimony of how I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ, and I was going to ask Donald if he wanted to accept Jesus as his Savior so that the Lord could take the burden off of his shoulders and go before him to do what needed to get done. I was going to tell Donald that he would then just be a vessel for what the Lord wanted to do as opposed to having to figure it out himself. Before I could get the story out, Donald's people walked in to say it was time and he apologized as he walked off still carrying the burden.

I awoke with the softest heart for Mr. Trump and a call to pray for him, will you join me? I just wonder what God is up to!

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